What's the Big Idea?

It's actually no big idea, it's pretty small and simple, really: you select the model that suits you, we build it for you, bring it over to your place and drop it (carefully) onto piles, soild as. It's affordable and ever-so-convenient.

So you teenager's latest musical addiction is driving you up the wall. Don't sweat, we have a simple and diplomatic solution: kick them out of home... into their very own one.

Your extended family are coming to stay and there's just no way that you can squeeze them all into the house and they sure ain't gonna pitch a tent in midwinter.....give them a cozy stay and a whole lot more privacy.

There seem to be endless scenarios that warrant the plonking of a sleepout at the bottom of the garden or even on another section miles from home.

About us

The Sleepout Company is based in Christchurch and boasts a team of experienced and qualified builders that ensure each sleepout is produced to the highest standard possible.

All of our sleepouts have been designed and drawn up by an experienced architect who knows a thing or two about what makes a good sleepout. He's such a nice fellow that he's even made each and every sleepout wonderfully comfortable with all the comforts of home for you to enjoy. Bless.

Delightfully designed, pre-measured, pre-made interior components will make furnishing your new sleepout a dream. Because all of our sleepouts are built using the same dimensions, it makes sense to choose our purpose designed packages. You will work in with our interior designer to give your new sleepout that extra touch of homely class. Please contact us for more information.

Models to suit

We have a number of different models to suit various needs. Please contact us for more information.