We'll show you what we're made of.

We're not going to blow our own trumpet about the outstanding quality of materials and workmanship that go into making our sleepouts so amazingly and fantastically wonderful. Oh no, we'll show you the specs and let you decide for yourself. For a plan and a list of specs, click here.

Sleepout Drawings
Sleepout Diagram

We have a plan.

Out sleepouts aren't just 'thrown together.' Out architect has pored over the tiniest details, working through blood (those compasses are sharp), sweat (we couldn't afford air con) and tears (he's now attending counselling) to design the very best. Click on the models to the right to download the plans.

See it here.

Click below on the model you wish to see the plans for and a pdf file will download automagically.
Economy (1.5MB)
Deluxe (450kb) (coming soon)
The Ritz (500kb) (coming soon)